Alaskan Fisherman

The new version of Happy Wheels is finally released! Alaskan Fisherman is a level created by Wings and Strings. Recently, the version has reached more than 700,000 plays with the ratings of 4.01. Don’t skip this awesome version, Wheelchair Guy will be your companion in this one!

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When joining the game, you will take control of the fishing boat, use the arrow keys to navigate the direction. With the spacebar key, you can tap it to lower the net of the boat into the water. Also, if you tap spacebar, you can lock the joints of the vessel in place that can stop the player from moving down the net and travel across the water simultaneously. The content of this version is about finding the crab in the Bering sea by moving down the net with the hope of making it full. Whenever the net is full, the player is supposed to make a comeback to the docks and unload the crab prior to coming back to the sea and begin this fishing one more time. You can find the crab in 4 particular areas in the level. No locations consisting of crab are spotted, and you can only fish once in each location. In the American waters, you can search for two of the four sets of crab, whilst in the Soviet waters, two sets of crab inhabit.

There are three official sections for the level, including a tranquil harbor, American side of the Bering Sea and the Soviet side of the Bering Sea. Sean Connery announces that the players are permitted to fish in his waters after bringing in two catches of crab taken from the American side. When accomplishing this mission, making a comeback, his offer will be revoked, and then, he will release a nuclear missile in order to prevent the player. But, he is not good at launching, so he misses the ship of the players. In this case, go fishing in the Soviet side of the Bering Sea is a should-do thing. After taking back and unloading the final two catches of crab from the Soviet waters, the players will accomplish the level.


The name of the fishing steamboat is Jim Bonacci, it’s a name of the creator of Happy Wheels too.
There are five international maritime code on the flags, including Bravo, Uniform, Tango, and Sierra.
The dialogue of Sean Connery from the initial confrontation between the players and him references The Hunt for Red October. This is also the movie that he played as the Soviet submariner. For the usual playing conditions, the amount of time for accomplishing the level is longer than 200 seconds that allowed for the saved replays.

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