Alice in WonderlandX

Alice in WonderlandX is another new level of the Happy Wheels game made by PhsX. The number play of this level has reached more than 4,000,000 plays, along with the rating of 3.83. There are lots of characters that you can play at this level, as well as tons of tough challenges that can test your skills. Surely you will never want to miss such a fancy adventure in this version of Happy Wheels game, right? So now, let’s explore its awesome gameplay!

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Following the famous storyline of Alice in Wonderland, in this version, you will be put in the shoes of Alice, beginning the adventure by being descended onto a catapult in which your head will fall on it, then you will be fired up to the tree, make your way through it. Then, you figure out that there are giant mushrooms that you can hear its sound on the grass. Moving on, your next step is to slide down a hole, crash the flower then slide onto a table. At here, there are lots of cups and teapots moving and flying around while saying “Who is it! How rude! No room! NO room! NO room!”. Then, a cute bunny will appear, sitting on a chair. Well, you should move on him. He says like this: “It’s rude to sit down uninvited. Ruining our unbirthday party. Get LOST!”. You will be released and kicked by him, you might crash into a wall and slide on a worm. Don’t worry, try to hold it tight and navigate your way.

While taking controlling it, you will get over a sign saying “Bees”, you are supposed to dodge them. If you are touched by one of them, you will get doomed easily and as a result, you need to begin the level again. Once traveling them, the sign will say “Everdark Cave.” Step into it, and then a face will turn up saying “Leave NOW!”. Keep moving on, and then you will see a wall that brings Chesire Cat, a dialogue saying “”OH NO! It’s the Chesire Cat. Drop him down the abyss behind him”. You are supposed to thrust him down into a hole and carry on moving then try to get the end of the cave.
When you get the bottom of the hill, you need to remove the worm and enter another hole in which you will stop at the Queen. You will be thrown to the ending line, and then the YouTube icon crops up with the account named exhibited: DontGiveMeYourCrap

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