An Elephant

New featured version for the Happy Wheels games is here! An Elephant will be the next level made by corey1987. The level did impress lots of the players when it has reached more than 6,000,000 plays with the quite high rating: 3.12. In this version, you will accompany with a cute character named Irresponsible Mom.

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You will start your game by entering the left of several buildings, and there is an elephant right behind you. Try to move fast to the right, jump over the ramp, get past a Lawnmower Man NPC shouting “Oh God!”, and try to move through a building named Luigi’s prior to being crushed by the elephant. Once moving through the restaurant, approach the damaged blue car, move over a bride and travel through another building named Bob’s Fruits. Keep balanced and don’t fall under the bridge, or else a meteor will get close to you and kill you. After that, try to move up a tamp and across some of the buildings prior to getting past 2 buildings named Girls Girls Girls and John’s Gamecave. When you leave the city, you are supposed to carry on moving through a wasteland prior to stepping into a tunnel. When you get to the other side of the tunnel, you will be secured from the elephant. Then, you need to approach a Moped Man NPC, who tells you that you need to slay the elephant to ride the Ghost Train. Make an effort to chop down elephant’ head, start a conversation with a Wheelchair Guy NPC, who sits in a hollow. Finally, you can step into the train car and touch the glory of this level.

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