Check out a new level of Happy Wheels game now! AWESOME COURSE 7 is ready to give the tough challenges! This level is made by Fatality 14, and right now it has more than 4,500,000 plays, along with the rating 4.44. Engaging in this level will give you a chance to meet Irresponsible Dad.

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Awesome Faces will be the main component to create the ground, and the dad will wear one on his head. You will start your mission by traversing a ditch. Try to perform fast because you might fall into it if you are slow, and the blocks might fade away. When you are done travelling through it, there are three faces thrown at you, you need to dodge and get past all of them, and then there is a message turning up and saying “Slow!” when the ground will become a seesaw full off spikes. You will make your arrival at a big dirt mound that has a hole. When stepping into it, its part will be damaged by an Awesome Face, and then it launches up to the sky. Now, you should back off, damage it, and you will get over it. Spikes will be the subsequent impediment, this time, there will be a message turning up and saying “Fast!”. The player needs to perform quickly to keep safe.

Then there is another message saying “it’s, so… Quiet… Here..” However, when the final part of the message turns up, a giant Awesome Face will throw into the air, then another message crops up with the text “RUN!, as you will be the target to receive one of the faces. You are supposed to take a leap quickly over an Awesome Face since it will make an effort to thrust you into the deadly spikes, and then another turns up from the water trying to destroy you. Then for the last one, you must try your best to get over it since it has the rotating axes. Moving on, the upcoming challenge is waiting for your conquering! Try to overcome it slowly, you have to go across the spears, and in the center, you will be pushed into on by a diminutive face. You are required to move more quickly for the subsequent part; there is a row full of dangerous spikes dropping down onto you, including tons of Awesome Faces thrown at you.
As for the last location, there is an Awesome Face located on the edge of the giant hole saying “Please… Don’t… Kill me.” You probably need to thrust it. However, when you are done pushing, there will be one cropping up from behind and trying to push you into the hold. Now, three faces will be shown up, which looks down into the pit at you, you conquer the challenge.

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