Backyard Wrestling

Take a chance to explore the new featured level of Happy Wheels now! Backyard Wrestling is a brand new version that gives you awesome challenges. The level is currently holding the new record; it reaches more than 8,400,000 plays with the rating of 4.03. Are you ready to join and meet Wheelchair Guy? He is waiting for you!

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Your adventure will be begun on the sidewalk, and you are in the uncomfortable state when you can’t move your wheelchair because a fan did damage your arms and legs. And now, Effective Shopper shows its appearance with a weird hairdo and a unique tattoo, and then she is trying to push your wheelchair. Then, Lawnmower Man is on a bench, and he is holding a drink up in the air, along with a custom NPC child of Irresponsible Dad skating on a skateboard.

You have to tap key Z and try to fly over the roof to overcome a billboard showing a cigarette with the text “LOUIE SMOKE IT!” You will witness that Wheelchair Guy is on the rooftop if you are low. But if you are high, Irresponsible Dad will be in your sight, he is repairing a satellite dish, and then you will also see Segway Guy, who is trying to climb a ladder. Now, you can grasp one of them and try to bang them down. Lawnmower Man is right behind the glass shed. Don’t try to land on him or else, both of you will get destroyed by the mower.

Flying far enough will help you land on the property, then you can witness Irresponsible Son, who is watching Effective Shopper doing an awesome thing. He is cutting a watermelon in the garden. Try to land in the dumpster located right behind them to check out a hidden token permitting you to accomplish the level.


When being absorbed by the boxer, the jaw will flutter around whilst you get stuck on it.
The gameplay of this version is the same as WWE levels
Probably, there is an error when you try to hold onto the helmet of the ladder man, which leads to the vibrations demobilization of several parts on the body.
Cling to the legs of dogs will make you get the token, and then you can win the level.

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