Balcony Terror

Continue to explore another featured version of Happy Wheels game now! This time, you are going to experience an interesting adventure with Balcony Terror created by Corey1987. The level now has more than 41,000,000 plays, along with a rating of 4.25. There are various characters in this level, so you can play as anyone you like.

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On the top of the building, you will start your adventure by falling. While falling, you will explore tons of people standing on the balconies and joining discrepant activities like opening a party, sun-bathing and so on. Plus, dangers will be available in this level too! You will see Wheelchair Guy on the floor with a white hood. As you make an effort to get to the ground, you will know that no ending line there. And you will have to welcome some special guests like Irresponsible Dad, Irresponsible Son, and Moped Guy.

List of Scenarios
Irresponsible Dad wears a green cap and looks at the balcony
Moped Girls is drying the laundry
Irresponsible Son will receive a back ride from his father
Segway Guy is eating
As for Irresponsible Dad and Moped Guy, they are trying to hold a glass barrier so that no one will fall into the street.
There are several vacant balconies.
Wheelchair Guy intends to annihilate Effective Shopper.
A party will include these people, like Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Girl, Moped Guy, Segway Guy
There are lots of vacant balconies

You can fly or take a leap over the second construction by using characters. There will be several features on that building, such as a person, a wall or even a table.
There are two basic sequels for this level: Balcony Terror 2 and Balcony Terror 3. There are several players who also created their own levels for Balcony terror.
You can’t complete this level. It’s such a weird featured level, right?
Sometimes you will hear the humming sound coming from the lawnmower of the Lawnmower Guy, especially when you switch the characters.

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