Bigfoot Forest

Let’s explore another featured level of Happy Wheels game now! Bigfoot Forest is a brand new level that has reached more than 11,000,000 plays with a great rating of 4.18. the level offers various characters to the players. So you can come and play as anyone you want!

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You will begin your adventure on a street near by a burning van, and then you will see that Bigfoot is trying to flee away from you. Don’t let him escape! Come after him and make your way through some grass and hills. Then, you will move down the hill, and you can see Explorer Guy at the bottom. After that, try to traverse a road and move forward, then smash a little rock and move down to another hill. You will find that there is a cave located at the bottom of the hill, and Bigfoot will step forward from there, and then it starts chasing you one more time.

Moving on, you need to traverse in a tough condition with a little rock at the bottom. Then, try to get to the top in which a Wheelchair Guy NPC is. He is sitting and holding a bottle. Bigfoot will come after you once again after you fall off a ledge. You have no choice but traversing, moving down a hill and fall into a dune in which Bigfoot is there and starts racing when you reach him. Now, try to traverse the grass and enter a road in which Lawnmower Man will meet and say this to you “ you seem to get lost. C’mon, I can give you a ride”. Try to reach a token right behind the van, you will win the level.

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