BladeRider II =A.I.=

It’s time to enjoy a new game performance in Happy Wheels game! BladeRider II =A.I.= is ready to take you to the adventure filled with tough challenges. The level is so popular with the high rating of 4.15, along with 600,000 plays at present. Why not joining it now and meeting our Irresponsible Dad? It will be fun!

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Once beginning this level, a player is supposed to take out some NPCs into a wall full of spikes. They are making an effort to annihilate you by using strong weapons. Don’t worry, there will be a wall that can clog up the spikes. You need to touch a button to make all the spikes disappear and try to push the NPCs into the spikes. Your initial confrontation will be the fight against Effective Shopper that holds an axe. The second one will be the battle between you and the Moped Couple with 2 knives. Then, try to reach the level 5 because that is the final level. You will meet Explorer Guy with a trident in his hands. Eventually, you will complete the level.


BladeRider II =A.I.= is known as the third level utilizing A.I.
This featured level utilizes the sound effects for playing music during the level.
Based on the tutorial level of sachamun relating to the way he created A.I. the NPC’s are added to a circle and the boosts will thrust those circles. For the real A.I, it was generated utilizing the triggers that were put in some locations in which the player can move.

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