Shall we continue our adventure in Happy Wheels game? BMX Park II is a brand new featured generated by Siaba. The level is so well-known when it already attracted more than 52,000,000 plays, along with the quite high rating of 4.36. You will have a chance to meet Irresponsible Dad one more time! And BMX Park II is the next chapter of BMX Park 1.

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At the beginning, you will be on the top of a skateboard ramp that has a graffiti saying Siaba. You will get help from the boosts, and a fan will thrust you away from the ramp. After that, you will touch the land, and then you will see that there is a ramp with a gap. Be careful, or else you will descend into that gap. Make an attempt to overcome the gap!

With the boosts, you can accelerate then try to traverse a big loop. Then, you will see a spike right behind the loop, and a ramp will be there as well. You will need to utilize for dodging the landmines. After that, your speed will be developed by a boost. Then, you will see that there are 2 ending lines and a spike at the bottom. However, because you are probably too close to the wall, so be careful, you may get doomed if you ram into it.


BMX_Park III is being generated right now. It will be considered as the final version of the series. Nevertheless, he probably will retire from Happy Wheels since he hasn’t created a level in more than 3 years.


There is still a level right after BMX_Park II with the title BMX park II grinder test.
Community Pool is only a level that Siaba hasn’t created in the BMX series.
I-Beam will be the thing that can stop flying, it is located on the top of the loop, but it’s tough for you to see.

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