Boss Battle Medley is a level featured by IAMURHUSBAND. Now, it has over 8,200,000 plays and over 16,000 votes. You can join as any character.

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Now, we will learn to play Happy Wheels with Boss Battle Medley!

At the starting of Boss Battle Medley, you start from the very large underneath modern ship. To the left, a secret vehicle used to complete the level. When going to the right, you will see a place leading to a building. Enter this building you can meet “FINAL DUNGEON”. The ground will turn into the rubble if you go ahead. Also, you will come in a room.

If you reach close, there is a text says “Hi” along with a heart. But, it suddenly becomes a thin line which fast turns into a huge rectangle. And it falls. Avoid it or you will be killed. You continue entering the building, and stay in a flat space again. If you go to the left, touch the black wall, the wall will be invisible and drop. You have the Effective Shopper standing on the edge of the BEAR HOLE. Push her into this place. And you can move to the “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE”. If you move to the right, you will meet a robot pointing the laser at you. It says “Locked on target!” Then, it fires a bullet that blows up 3 Segway Guys. The door in Boss Battle Medley opens and allows you go inside.

Okay! Play Happy Wheels with Boss Battle Medley, your journey will be more and more thrilling. After these situations, now you are coming across a ramp and move lower. There is a guide for you to “Eliminate JB”. Press the button “Justin Bieber” screams and you seemed to remove him. Carry on! There is an anime girl. She doesn’t allow you to pass. If you roughly force her again and again, she will be exposed quickly. It means she will be uncovered by her clothes. But, a box will control the nudity. Then, you access another area. Oh no! You did not eliminate Bieber. He pops from a hole and give the poor girl a towel. Even he can appease her “You okay baby? THERE’S ONE LESS LONELY GIRL.” Next, a rainbow will kill you.


After these challenges of Boss Battle Medley! You are facing to the last boss. He is an evil Gorilla. He is throwing sharp blades following your direction. Try to avoid them by moving under these blades. And destroy this Gorilla.

In case, you did not push the Effective Shopper into the hole, you need to move down the slopes. You can find the “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE” and Headache Puppy of the Total Jerkface Happy Wheels server. He shouts “STOP REFRESHING PLEASE!!” The landmines underground will explode. So, quickly break the door and reach the finish line.

If you pushed Effective Shopper into the Bear Hole, you will come to the “PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE”. Pedobear says “Thanks for your gift, but… TOO OLD DO NOT WANT”. It will fire you. Touch the room behind you and enter. You will reach the finish line.

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