Cannon Town

Cannon Town is the exciting level by PhysX. In this place, you can use various cannons to lead the character to the finish line. Here, you play as Segway Guy.

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Cannon Town
From the starting of this Total Jerkface Happy Wheels, you the Segway will be stuck in the air. You must find the way to get out and land on the cannon instead of the ground. The cannon can shoot a building. In front of the building, you can find the text that warns you. You will be launched and you smash the glass panel. So, you can come in that place. Play Happy Wheels in Cannon Town, you must reload another one and get ready to make a cannon shot. If you have not enough power to release it, you can hit the spikes. In case, you land and slide down a slope, you will fall in a red vintage car.
Then, you need to ride it. The car can stop when it is next to the last cannon. This pushes you into and fires you to the finish line. PhysX ends Cannon Town “Please take your time to rate this level. Thanks”

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