Car Thief

With over 50 million plays, Car Thief is the second level played most. It is rated 4.39 stars due to 100,000 votes. You can enjoy this level as any character.

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As soon as you play Happy Wheels with this level, you have a mission. Your car has been stolen, and you are managing to get it back. You will start from your house and chase the thief has taken the red car in the garage. He quickly accelerates and makes you confused to follow him. The Segway Guy, who is standing out of the sunroof, wants to shoot you. But the first trap of Car Thief Total Jerkface Happy Wheels you need to overcome is a deep hole. You must jump or fly over it. If you are successful, you can land on the flat ground, and two hills. Irresponsible Son is on a duck raft while his Irresponsible Dad is reading a book nearby a tree. Your car will reach a cliff, hits a sign (says 5*) and stop. The finish line of Car Thief is behind the trees

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