Chaos City

Chaos City of Total Jerkface Happy Wheels is a unique level by kirbypwnage. It has the high rating. Currently, it has 13,000,000 plays with 4,600 votes. In which you can play as any character.
At first, you start next to a circus tent, and some trash bins. When you move forward, you will meet an ostrich. It chases you. Just try to reach the Effective Shopper, lying down and tell her that she is too fat, tired and depressed to escape from it. The Irresponsible Mom holds her child’s arms and also runs away. They will push the Wheelchair Guy in Chaos City Total Jerkface Happy Wheels and ruin the fence. Then, make it fall and create a hole. The ostrich also falls.

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If you run fast, you can break the glass window before entering the building of Chaos City. If not, you will split into that pit. When reaching other glass panels, the glass will be broken and landed on the table. Segway Guy is trying to kill himself because of the money. But he is not doing well. After that, you join in a restroom that Effective Shopper is in here. If something hits her, she will make the toilet overflowed.

Head to open the door and throw Moped Guy away. When going outside, you will land on a wire. Turn to the left and fall. Segway Guy is on the way with the briefcase while Moped Girl is working on her computer.

Play Happy Wheels with Chaos City, you continue to move ahead. Now, you are outside and ride up on a ramp, and a fake damage ball will fall on the van. It is next to the ramp. Moped Guy is in another van says, “I’m a jerk!” And Explorer Guy is following the Moped Girl to kill her. Both of them stumble on a trash bag.

Later, in this Total Jerkface Happy Wheels level, Pogostick Man is sucked up by a UFO that has appeared somewhere. He disappears immediately. Right now, you can Irresponsible Dad’s son is being crushed by a meteor while Irresponsible Dad is only standing and watching this disaster. He may be not the responsible dad. Someone must yell, “Damn it!” If you attempt to go ahead, you can meet a meteor storm. Two of them smash the pavement. It’s not all. It’s time to destroy the Chaos City for zombies. They will come and eat the Lawnmower Man’s brain. While moving, they always say, “brains!” However, you can see different monsters in Chaos City called Godzilla and Mothra. They are fighting to show their flames and lighting.

Chaos City Total Jerkface Happy Wheels also has the piano tied to a rope. If you crawl under it, the rope will be cut, and the piano can kill you. And zombies will not miss this opportunity. Pogostick Man is yelling, “THIS IS SPARTA!” and kicks a zombie. Finally, you finish the level by touching the trigger victory and the black hole.

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